You ARE the Bridge


How to BE the Bridge

 THANK YOU! for listening to the message of your heart and taking an action to change the course of the Human Family.  Here’s the bottom line about how to change the world… 

By following ALL 7 of the actions listed below and by placing your ribbon of peace on a bridge, or on a photo or some other symbol of a bridge that you pass every day, you will see a daily reminder of your commitment.  (Please be careful not to do anything dangerous or illegal while securing your ribbons as only you are responsible for your safety and actions.)  Eventually, others will come to know the meaning  of these ribbons around the globe, and they, too, will be inspired by your ribbon of peace.  In this way, our ribbons of peace will encircle the globe in an embrace of love for our Human Family, and our collective actions will change -


The Seven actions (based on Mary Morrissey's Dream Builders) are...



 CONNECT … with your heart.  Don’t skip this step!!!!  This is A VALUABLE KEY to finding YOUR personalized part of creating peace on Earth.  One way to connect with your heart is to place your hand over your heart and listen.  Feel into your heart.  Once you are truly connected with your heart, then… 


2. ASK...

ASK…While carefully continuing to listen with your heart (not your mind).  Ask yourself what small or large gesture of peace you would LOVE to make in your life.  Don’t worry about how you will make it happen.  For now, just see how you would love to be part of bringing peace to this amazing Human Family.  It may be an action toward yourself or someone else. It may be internal or external, but it must be intentional.   


3. WRITE...

  WRITE it.  Exactly what do you intend to do, how often and for how long?  What we write down is 10 times more likely to happen. (Note:  Peace on Earth will take a sustained effort from a host of people for some time.  Don't let this stop you.  Start and, as Mary Morrissey would say, do what you can with what you have right now.)  You don’t have to be perfect, and you don't have to do it all, just have the intention of doing your part; of taking action for world peace.



ENVISION… show it.  When we can see it, we can more easily move toward it.  Pictures are the way that consciousness brings thought into form.  Draw it, find pictures that depict it, snap photos, create videos.  Use your imagination to help others see your vision of your place as a bridge to world peace.  


5. COMMIT...

COMMIT to your action by speaking it to others who will support you.  Detail the specifics of how, including your level of commitment and desired results.   Tell others who will support you in your action(s.)  Go to a bridge or make/take a picture of a bridge that signifies your vision and commitment. 


6. FEEL IT...

FEEL the power of your action, and feel what it is like to have it poured into the Sea of Peace.  Feel the emotion of deep, lasting peace come over you, knowing that your contribution is critical to the wave of change.  EVERY DROP creates more and more momentum.  Eventually the crashing of the Peaceful Tsunami into the land of humanity will wash everyone free of hate.  YOU are needed!  FEEL the Peace.  Feeling it brings it into physical reality.


7. LIVE IT...

LIVE FROM YOUR VISION OF PEACE, every day, and feel into it from your experience of what peace looks and feels and sounds like.  Don’t worry if you’re not perfect and forget sometimes.  That’s what the Peace Ribbons are for…to remind you that YOU ARE the bridge to peace.   We must feel it and do it, not just think it.  Your action matters.  Each day, know that your thoughts are the thoughts of a person who is living from what it feels like to be in the process of creating a peaceful world.  Think from this perspective.  Feel from this perspective.   Act as the bridge.  Be diligent in your creation.  The world is at stake!



SHARE!!! your vision with supportive friends and family.  Post your vision on our Facebook page IAMtheBridge.peace.   The more you share it, the more your influence toward peace on Earth becomes larger, like the waves from a pebble tossed into the sea. 

Congratulate yourself for your actions!  

You ARE the Bridge!!!!  Peace :-)


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