Full Understanding

This one will take a bit longer, but while you're waiting, you can visit ULE Vision for information on one of the PROVEN UNIVERSAL LAWS that MUST INEVITABLY LEAD to WORLD PEACE.  Don't forget to come back for the rest of the story and to create YOUR PERSONAL bridging action!

Action and Knowledge

Keep checking in as we are outlining exactly how your actions MUST bring in world peace once we have enough people, like YOU who are bridges for peace!  While we're working feverishly to get this out to you, visit our Facebook page to view and post awesome ideas!

(See above for ways to start taking action right away.)

The Bottom Line

Click this button to see the SEVEN STEPS you can take to become a BRIDGE that creates PEACE on EARTH.  Take our 2017 Ribbons of Peace Challenge by visiting our Facebook page, IAMtheBridge.peace.  TAKE A PICTURE of YOURSELF ON A BRIDGE or begin a VIDEO or CREATIVE PROJECT that shows WHAT BEING A BRIDGE OF PEACE MEANS TO YOU!  Start noticing what you are willing to commit to, whether MICRO or MONUMENTAL, and begin making YOUR PERSONAL BRIDGE TO PEACE STATEMENT to share with the world.  Already know your commitment? You can also view our Facebook page and upload your ideas right away, or see what others are doing!

World Peace, a How To Guide