We are blissfully creating a space for your photos/videos of your ribbons on bridges, 

creative I AM the Bridge projects,  and statements of your commitment to how

YOU ARE creating


Writing your action and commitment on a ribbon and securing it to a bridge on your regular route is your contribution to creating a bridge of ribbons that encircles the globe in peace.  It will serve two purposes, to inspire others and to help you keep your intention and focus on your own, peaceful action(s.)  The possibilities are endless!!!  What will you do???  Have fun and make a difference!
Following are some examples of IAMtheBridge.peace actions and visions you might post:

*Contact someone you know who has an interest in world peace and start a team effort to challenge others to take the 2017 Ribbons of Peace Challenge.  Post a picture of your ribbons to our Facebook page.

*Personal, regular meditation centered on the vision you have for Peace on Earth.  Take a “selfie” or draw or paint your vision of yourself in meditation about World Peace and then post it to our Facebook page.  

*Make a donation to an organization that is focused on world peace.  Write your donation on a ribbon and place it on a bridge to inspire others to do the same.  Post a picture of your peace ribbon on our Facebook page to further inspire others.

*Start a meetup group to focus on ways of furthering peace in your neighborhood or community.  Create a logo for your group and post it on our Facebook page.

*Join an activist group that uses peaceful means to stop or reduce violence in the world.  Create a video of your activities and post it to our Facebook page.

*Start a conversation with someone in your family or friend circle with whom you disagree about something.  Listen in a manner that keeps peace in your heart and a listening stance, just to understand the other person, not to convince them of your viewpoint.  Find a picture on the web that depicts your action of listening with an open heart and post it to our Facebook page.

*Have a public airing of a peace video and start a discussion group of how to have your own peace vigil or peace parade.  Post your group photo and event plans on our Facebook page.


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